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Inexpensive Home Improvements

Posted by 2 years ago. (Back to all articles...)

Can I Improve my Home on a Tight Budget?

The decision to sell a home often makes us look at it differently. Suddenly, the scuffs and clutter that have been around for years come into sharp focus. Seen through "buyer goggles", your functional family home can suddenly seem in need of some major TLC.

Fortunately, sprucing things up doesn't have to cost a bundle. By concentrating on areas with substantial visual impact, you can help entice buyers without breaking the bank.

Think cosmetic, not structural.Take down heavy window coverings that block the sun. Shampoo your carpets. Apply a fresh coat of paint, but stick to neutral tones so that buyers don't see your walls as a "project" if they don't share your colour sense.

Clean & de-clutter. Believe it or not, this is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will rooms look bigger, but potential buyers won't get the message that your home doesn't have enough space for their "stuff". Start packing your non-essential items early, and if need be, stow the boxes in your basement or garage. Often, I recommend a staging service to finish up the process. In a matter of hours, professional stagers can arrange rooms and add details (like furniture and art) that show your home in the best possible way. It's remarkable how much more interest a professionally-staged home can generate!

Landscape the front yard. Entice potential buyers with curb appeal, and they'll be interested enough to come inside. When you've worked hard to beautify your home interior, you don't want to be ruled out on the basis of a drive-by!

An experienced Realtor can offer advice about which of these areas to tackle first, and refer any service providers you may need.

Want to know more about preparing your home for sale? The GoingHome Team is here to help. Email [email protected] or call (519)579-5000.

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