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Am I Ready to Make an Offer?

Decisions, decisions. When you’re on the market for a place to call home, the options can seem endless. You can only commit to one property, so how do you know when it’s time to stop looking and take that leap into ownership?

You instantly feel possessive about the property

No matter how long you’ve been house hunting, when you see “your house”, you’ll feel the need to do whatever it takes to make it yours. Does the thought of other buyers seeing the home tie your stomach in knots? Do you feel compelled to call your mortgage advisor, your contractor or even your parents while still standing in the driveway? I tell my clients that they need to be excited about a potential real estate purchase. If they’re not excited, we haven’t found their home yet.

You willingly look past its flaws

It’s not about compromise, it’s about finding a place that feels right for you. When my wife and I found our current home, we saw that the basement had low ceilings and would never be more than a storage area. We didn’t care. We loved the rest of the property so much, we figured we wouldn’t miss the basement anyway (and still feel the same way many years later). When you find a property with traits that might otherwise be deal-breakers and feel justified in overlooking them, you may have found your next home.

You immediately envision your own family, furniture, and remodelling choices in the home

If within minutes of crossing the threshold you’re mentally arranging the living room and assigning bedrooms, this may be the home for you. A surprising number of homebuyers will tell you they knew right away that the home was right for them.

The investment feels worth it

Let’s face it, home buying is expensive and time consuming. You’ve accumulated a tidy nest egg, but it hasn’t come without sacrifice. When all of those brewed-at-home coffees and brown bagged lunches feel totally worth it, there’s a good chance that you’ve found the home that’s right for you.

Ready to Take the Next Step?