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Every Buyer Needs Their Own Agent

It’s common to hear people say they bought their home from the listing agent (or from the sales office, as the case may be). But when a listing agent is already working for the seller, can they truly protect a buyer’s interests as well? If you compare real estate negotiation to a game of high-stakes poker, do you think that players should willingly lay their cards down in front of the entire table?

Likely not, if they want to come out ahead.

Instead, let’s start by laying down the truth: Listing agents want to sell their listings — and they make more money when they represent both sides. The real estate industry permits this practise under multiple representation agreement, but it is controversial and with good reason. How can one person protect both sides when they are already bound by their fiduciary duty to the seller, according to the listing agreement?

Our team stands firm in the belief that buyers need their own representation.

Before we go any further, let’s disclose that there have been times where buyers have asked us to represent them in a purchase, even as the listing agent. We don’t seek out this kind of business and will always inform a buyer of the potential conflict of interest — while offering to help them find another reputable Realtor.

We believe that as a buyer, you need an experienced professional in your corner who honours your financial comfort level, listens to your needs and is not afraid to tell you when you shouldn’t buy a house…and guess what?

These services are provided at no cost to you, because we are paid by the seller.

As your Realtors, we promise:

  • To share the breadth of our knowledge and seek the advice of fellow experts for legal and financial issues, environmental, grading, structural, electrical, plumbing, septic and well water problems…whatever the case may be
  • To negotiate hard in pursuit of the best price and terms, while willing to suggest walking away from a deal if a seller is unreasonable in their demands
  • To be attentive to (and therefore avoid) potential problems that could derail a sale, while making your entire move as hassle-free as possible.

Thinking of buying? We’d love to tell you more and look forward to hearing from you.

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