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No one invests more in the sale of your home!

With a reach that extends to over 2 million weekly visitors across Canada’s top Real Estate websites and listings that appear in 134 countries and 41 languages, the GoingHome Team provides dramatic market impact where today’s buyers are looking. Complimentary professional staging, photography, video & premium print advertising ensures you’ll put your best foot forward.


  • Free Market Evaluation (with no obligation)
  • Strategic Pro Staging
  • Quality Professional Photography
  • Online Curb Appeal with quick-load Virtual Tour & digital photo gallery
  • Complimentary YouTube video
  • Digital presence across Canada's top Real Estate websites


  • Reaching over 2 million monthly online visitors
  • Listings in 41 languages & 134 countries around the globe
  • Premium colour print advertising in weekly & monthly regional publications
  • Listings promoted in high-traffic bank branches


  • Web traffic analysis
  • Progress reports & market updates
  • Open House guest rewards
  • "SOLD...GUARANTEED!" Program

"SOLD... GUARANTEED!*" Program

Want to move right away? As part of the region's largest real estate brokerage, we offer distinct advantages when you want your home SOLD!!...GUARANTEED!*

RE/MAX Twin City SOLD!!...GUARANTEED!* offers

  • NO GIMMICKS - Your house is SOLD!!...GUARANTEED!* at current real market value.
  • NO RISK - Your written guarantee is backed by a company that has the financial strength to close your deal.
  • NO STRESS - You know the bottom line (cash you will have).
  • BUYING POWER - Without a property to sell, you can negotiate the best deal on your next home.
  • SELLING POWER - If the buyer on your property has a home to sell, we could guarantee their sale as well.
  • THE BEST PART - If your home sells for more than the SOLD!!...Guaranteed!* price, you get the difference!
Terms of RE/MAX Twin City SOLD!!...GUARANTEED!* Program
  1. A $750.00 application fee ( HST) covers independent appraisal and property inspection
  2. Subject property listed at 6% commission
  3. Minimum listing period of 90 days from the Guarantee being put in place
  4. In the event the 90 day listing period does not result in an acceptable offer, 95% of the Market Value is guaranteed to the Seller (less commissions and applicable tax)
  5. The Market Value is the agreed upon value between:
    • Independent Appraised Value
    • Seller
    • Guarantor (RE/MAX Twin City Realty Inc., Brokerage)
  6. There is a minimum of 90 day closing period. If the subject property sells prior to closing, any net gain will be to the benefit of the Seller. Above commission will apply.
  7. It will not apply for a single transaction (ie. sale only).
  8. Restrictions:
    • Maximum Listing Price of $350,000.00
    • Available for new to market properties only. Properties listed for more than 30 days may not qualify.
    • Rural properties do not qualify
    • Multi-residential properties do not qualify
This program itself is subject to change and/or cancellation at any time, without notice. RE/MAX Twin City Realty Inc., Brokerage has sole discretion as to which property will or will not qualify. Errors and Omissions Excluded.

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