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Traditional Open Houses are a common real estate tool, even though the prospect of opening your home to strangers can be unnerving. If an Open House is done, it needs to be properly managed in order to protect you and your valuables. As a team, we take active steps at every open house to keep track of who has seen your home, and advise visitors that open house traffic is being monitored.

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For the sake of security, our team posts a sign on the front door advising visitors that they will have to sign in to see the home, then takes contact information from each visitor upon entry, including their name, address and phone number. If someone is not willing to disclose their identity, there’s a chance you may not want them in your home. If a potential buyer does not wish to share personal information, we let them know that they have the option of booking a private appointment to view your property with a Realtor of their own.

Hide your Valuables

Removing small valuables (or keeping them out of sight) is common sense when preparing your home for sale. Of particular concern are jewellery and electronics, which could inconspicuously be stashed in a purse or pocket. Keep cash, credit card receipts and bank statements out of view. Remove all medications (especially from your medicine cabinet), or even better, take them with you when you leave your home. Pay special attention to rooms were visitors can close the door and not be viewed. Bathrooms tend to fall into this category.

Taking a photo inventory of each room ahead of time lets you know right away if anything is missing, and can be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim. To be on the safe side, have your Realtor ask visitors with large handbags or knapsacks to leave them by the door.

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