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The Hundred-Dollar Bathroom Update

Whether you’re listing your home for sale or preparing to welcome guests, freshening up your bathroom can be pretty quick and easy, even on a tight budget. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

Mirror Magic

It’s easy to take this bathroom essential from worn to “wow”, as a basic mirror can be made to look high-end by adding a custom frame. Cut your choice of molding to fit around the edges and attach with liquid glue, and class up the finished piece by painting it in a classic neutral or brushed metallic shade. If you happen to own a mirror that can be contained by a standard-size frame, the process is even easier.

Freshen Up

A fresh coat of paint can have a huge impact and give new personality to your existing fixtures. Have some fun with those old, boring tiles by pairing them with something light, bright and clean. The Internet is a great source of inspiration, though if you’re preparing to sell, we would suggest soothing, spa-like neutrals over jarring bursts of colour.

Curtain Update

For less than $20, a new shower curtain can add loads of personality to your bathroom while grounding your colour scheme. Unique shower hooks can make it look high-end, and you can often find them for a few dollars at a discount home furnishings store. If your bathroom is small, a clear curtain (or one in the same colour as the tub) will give the illusion of a larger space.

Towel Touches

There’s no need to purchase a whole new set of towels — just replace those that your guests will actually see! Fresh hand towels can compliment your decor, in all one colour or a few different coordinating shades. To display, roll them up and stand them in a basket for a welcoming, spa-like vibe.

Details, Details

If space allows, consider a few updated details. A decorative bowl of sample-sized toiletries, matching coloured soaps for the sink, or a small vase of fresh flowers can provide a welcome touch. Again, a visit to a discount bed and bath store can be worth your while – you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

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